From Bill Lenz – 2007

  • Member of BU Crew from 1963 to 1965
  • Took over Images from Bill Cosel
  • Directed two other series, one for (and in our temporary studios at) the Museum of Science
  • Did weekend booth announcing for Bill Pierce at both Granby Street MC and at new Western Avenue facility
  • Finished SPC Master’s Degree in 1970 as Air Force public affairs officer

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Bill, my wife and I live very near you, and would enjoy meeting you. We are in Black Mountain in a “right-sized” house. I worked at WGBH from 1972-1980, first in the mail room, then coordinating Zoom mail, and mostly in the Caption Center helping invent a new industry: closed captioning. You can reach me via email by simply taking my first name and putting an “at” sign before my full name dot com. – Jeff Hutchins

From Bill Lenz So sorry I couldn’t make the Reunion. My two years at WGBH were a highlight of my life, and I haven’t been back to beloved Boston since. My wife and I live in Asheville, NC and have our house on the market preparatory to a rightsizing relocation. I’m still an active media freelancer seeking work and hate to miss the networking opportunity, as well. I was interested in seeing if Pete Frame, fellow ‘63-’65 BU Crew classmate, who lives in the area would be present; if your paths cross, please give him my best regards. The last… Read more »