Bill Lenz

From Bill Lenz – 2007

  • Member of BU Crew from 1963 to 1965
  • Took over Images from Bill Cosel
  • Directed two other series, one for (and in our temporary studios at) the Museum of Science
  • Did weekend booth announcing for Bill Pierce at both Granby Street MC and at new Western Avenue facility
  • Finished SPC Master’s Degree in 1970 as Air Force public affairs officer


  1. Jeff Hutchins on February 22, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Bill, my wife and I live very near you, and would enjoy meeting you. We are in Black Mountain in a “right-sized” house. I worked at WGBH from 1972-1980, first in the mail room, then coordinating Zoom mail, and mostly in the Caption Center helping invent a new industry: closed captioning. You can reach me via email by simply taking my first name and putting an “at” sign before my full name dot com. – Jeff Hutchins

  2. Jay Collier on February 19, 2019 at 9:01 am

    From Bill Lenz

    So sorry I couldn’t make the Reunion. My two years at WGBH were a highlight of my life, and I haven’t been back to beloved Boston since.

    My wife and I live in Asheville, NC and have our house on the market preparatory to a rightsizing relocation. I’m still an active media freelancer seeking work and hate to miss the networking opportunity, as well.

    I was interested in seeing if Pete Frame, fellow ‘63-’65 BU Crew classmate, who lives in the area would be present; if your paths cross, please give him my best regards. The last time I saw him was in the fall of 1965 when he was at CBS, I at NBC, and we visited military recruiters in Times Square together after I received a draft notice. I ended up as an Air Force public affairs officer; he went on to become a cable pioneer and HBO legend.

    Tonight I felt compelled to look for other classmates and discovered that Terry Brunsman (given name Elmer) died this past June. The first of the following links contain photos, including his Fordham senior class picture which was how he looked when we began at WGBH under Greg Harney and Bob Moscone in 1963. The next year I met my late first wife, a Boston College undergraduate, at Terry’s apartment; she and her nursing school friends called him “Huggy Bear.”

    Another of my classmates to add to your Seeking Information roster is Jerry Noonan (Seton Hall); he was a tape operator in New York when Pete and I were there.

    There was also a Bard graduate and protégé of Dore Schary whose first name was Alex (I can’t recall his last); if you see Pete, he might remember.

    The other two classmates whom I recall are already in your Seeking Information list—Bill Hilliker and Dave Horowitz.

    More thanks than I can express for curating this wonderful connection.

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