Alan Lupo – in memory

From The Boston Globe 9/30/2008

He was no stranger to the inner sanctums of City Hall but was more at home with regular folks on Boston’s stoops and sidewalks. He knew people — and people knew him — from the North End to Southie, from Dorchester to Doyle’s pub in Jamaica Plain. And there, immortalized in a barroom mural, he forever soaks up stories amid the sandwiches and the elbow-benders. …

The Hub’s Herodotus, Mr. Lupo captured the city’s unfolding histories as they played out in courts, schools, and discreet handshake deals among the powerful. Reaching beyond the confines of newspaper stories, he left the Globe in the early 1970s to serve as an editor and reporter on the WGBH-TV show “The Reporters,” which he helped found. …


  • Interview with Alan Lupo and Caryl Rivers for Winthrop Public Library
  • The Messiah Comes Tomorrow by Alan Lupo (book summary and preview)


  1. Michael Ambrosino on November 3, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    “The Reporters” was one of a long line of attempts by WGBH to be part of the local scene.

    There was a line of reporting that thought the small human stories made sense. In that way, the reporter became the anthropologist, the historian. Alan was one of the best.

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