Fred Simons – in memory

From Joe Pugliesi — 9/1/2008

Went to Marthas Vineyard on a two day trip and had a chance encounter with the next door neighbors of long time WGBH video tape engineer/editor Fred M. Simons, who worked at WGBH ca. 1968-1986.

Fred had a place on Gay Head for many of the years that he worked here, then subsequently retired there. He and his wife informed me that Fred passed several years ago.

Fred joined WGBH from CBS New York, where he first worked in the kinescope department and later as a videotape engineer/editor. He would say that he would regularly splice the Captain Kangaroo show.

As I recall, Fred edited some “Jean Shepard’s America” episodes in the early 70s.

He was an extraordinary artist. In his spare time at work, he would draw in satirical cartoon form the state of the station and its personnel.

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