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Maggie Brescia

Mark Stevens was my father, thank you for keeping he legacy alive with information online. Wish I could find out more about him, I was only 3 when he died… I can be reached at mbrescia@sgia.org or magsbrescia@gmail.com incase there is more information within the WGBH archives.

Torrey Reade

Maggie, I worked for your father from 1973 until his untimely death. Because WGBH was engaged both in production and broadcast, the traditional program manager’s job was divided between several categories of production oversight and Broadcast Manager, Mark’s position. He loved TV, understood production from his time on the BU and WGBH crew, and was a brilliant tactician, both in putting together complementary TV schedules on the two local channels, WGBH and WGBX, and in helping to position WGBH programs in the national PBS roster. An avid TV Guide reader, he was a keen analyst of Nielsen and Arbitron ratings,… Read more »

Maggie Brescia

Thank you Torrey! I’m just now seeing your post, for some reason my son decided that tonight he’d like to learn more about his grandfather so I fired up the WGBH site and was delighted to read your post to him. Over the years, I’ve had several kind people reach out to me through this page and each and every word means so much. For those who don’t know, Mark had 2 kids, my older brother Mark and me… Maggie. Mark now lives in North Carolina with his wife Lisa, son Mason and daughter Melanie. I live outside of DC… Read more »