Photos by Jay Collier

JC1 – The Planning Group welcomes you: Judy Wasserman, Steve Wasserman, Ros Minassian, Christine Lear, Anne Damon, David Atwood, Jay Collier, Kathryn Pierce, Sheila Simollardes, Olivia Tappan, Jay Collier. Busy socializing elsewhere and not in this picture: Fred Barzyk, Michael Ambrosino, and Sue DeMarco.

JC3 – Joel Olicker, Tug Yourgrau

JC4 – Ann Peck, Sari Sapir

JC5 – Kathy Rosen, Gene Mackles

JC6 – Sue DeMarco, Chas Norton, Fred Barzyk

JC7 – Getting ready for the live stream

JC8 – Gordie Mehlman, Benny Krol, Karl Lorensic

JC9 – Raquel Ortiz, Emily Lovering, Sue Presson

JC10 – Bernadette Yao McEachern, Mary Toropov

JC11 – Ralph and Nancy Schuetz

JC12 – Welcome

JC13 – Henry Becton

JC14 – The assembled colleagues

JC15 – Good food, drink, and conversation


JC17 – The studio tour begins

JC19 – Stuck on a glacier during the Nova VR demo

JC18 – Anne Damon, Sue Presson, and Eddie Hickey in the sound booth

JC20 – David Atwood, Joe Shrand, Tom White

JC21 – Anna Agell, Tom White

JC22 – Winding down until next time

Photo Gallery