New Book by Mark Duffield

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From Mark Duffield

As I Recall front coverMark Duffield, former WGBH Director of Business Development for the Local Corporate Development Department has written his third book entitled As I Recall: Wings of Remembrance.

A true story of new beginnings and a wish answered when a winged visitor appears, evoking memories of his youth and his father’s love and wisdom.

As I Recall: Wings of Remembrance by Mark Duffield was a delight for us to produce. Not only is the story one that brings comfort for those who have had a loved one pass on, it’s about the importance of how we treat each other and all creatures great and small. But, most importantly, it’s about those who teach us lessons of kindness and care and how that goodness lives on. And it will be impossible to see a wren and not think of this book after you’ve read it.

— Lynn E.

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