Topper’s Bar


From Jeff Hutchins: Around 1977, I wrote a song inspired by Topper Carew, the dyamic producer of “Say Brother” among other accomplishments.

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Bruce Bordett: The Place I Wanted To Be

Julia Child and Bruce Bordett

From Bruce Bordett Sometime my senior year in college I decided that WGBH was the place I wanted to be. I started in the mailroom in 1971 and made it onto the crew about a year later. This I learned later was the time-honored path for many who had gone before me to find job…

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We’re in the “understanding business”


The chance invitation to work here at WGBH placed me in an environment that was a perfect fit for my temperament and aspirations as a professional and as just a plain person. Once here, I recognized, gradually, why it felt so right as a place to work and associate.

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