Murray Yeager, 75, Boston University professor and mentor

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Don Hallock: Yeager was an inspiring teacher and mentor for BU/WGBH scholars.

Murray Yaeger, at 75; challenged students at BU

When Dr. Murray Yaeger invited colleagues to speak to his famous introductory communication course at Boston University, he made them rehearse. ”Otto, I don’t just want you to lecture. I want you to get something alive,” he told fellow professor Otto Lerbinger. Each week, Dr. Yaeger spent more than 25 hours preparing theatrical presentations for the hundreds of communications freshmen enrolled in the course.

For students, the intimidating and stimulating course was ”psychological boot camp” because Dr. Yaeger encouraged them to ”dig deep,” said Hollywood film director and former student Gary Fleder. Dr. Yaeger did not ”allow you to coast on your strengths. He cajoled you to recognize the things you had to prove in your art.”

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