An Early “Discovery” – Nature in a Live TV Studio


We spent a wonderful half hour learning how the bats could navigate their maze. Unfortunately that meant that the studio was full of flying bats, so viewers of the news were then treated to occasional pictures of bats swooping over Louis Lyons as he read the day’s news!

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Why has WGBH had such an impact? Five views


Fred Barzyk: “I have asked several long time producers at WGBH to take a crack at the question of ‘Why does WGBH, a local public TV station in Boston, have such an impressive impact on media, culture and innovation?’ What follows are several responses to the question.”

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Planning the Next Alumni Reunion


We have begun planning the next reunion, and we need your help! In order to make sure it will be another experience to remember, we need to know your preferences.

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Dave Nohling to the Rescue


A memory from Fred Bayzyk: How were we going to get to Boston? That could chip away at our stipend. This is where Dave Nohling comes to the rescue.

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Remembering the BU Scholars

14 IMG_9931

In our youth, nothing seemed insurmountable. We approached every challenge with the old Mickey Rooney “Let’s put on a show!” enthusiasm.

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Paul Noble Remembers: Eleanor Roosevelt


In the fall of 1959, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt began her series of monthly discussion programs for National Educational Television. It was called “Prospects of Mankind,” and was a production of WGBH-TV

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Stew White, 76, BU scholar, class of ’58

BU Class of 1958

From Stewart made lifelong friends working at WGBH, where he did a news, sports and weather show. He liked to boast that he had the second highest rated news show in Boston public radio at the time (there were two).

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WGBH builds Boston TV news archive

Boston Local TV News Project

From the Boston Globe: WGBH officials have begun ambitiously digitizing not only former newscasts from their Channel 2, but historical news footage from other local TV stations.

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A Boy from Milwaukee

Fred & Barb

From Fred Barzyk: My Mom had this vision for me. She thought it would be wonderful if I could be in show business… I announced that I would become a piano player! Only problem was we didn’t have a piano.

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The foundations of WGBH: 84 Mass. Ave.

84 Mass Ave Front

From Don Hallock: Many extraordinarily-gifted figures and luminaries of the day — in the arts, science, politics and education — found their ways into the halls and studios of the original WGBH-TV/FM studios at 84 Massachusetts Avenue.

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Press and People

Press and People - Louis Lyons 1

From Don Hallock: WGBH produced Press and People in 1959 or ’60. Host Louis M. Lyons talked with important print and photo-journalists of the time, including Edward R. Murrow, about their work and philosophies.

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