Blues and folk radio programs may be dropped

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From the Boston Globe

Blues fans may get the blues when they hear WGBH’s plans for programming changes.

’GBH spokeswoman Jeanne Hopkins confirmed to us yesterday that if the FCC approves the station’s purchase of WCRB-FM, a classical station based in Waltham, the station will cancel “Folk on WGBH’’ and “Blues on WGBH,’’ which air on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night, respectively. The blues show is hosted by Brendan Hogan, while folk is hosted by Naomi Arenberg and Brad Paul.

Hopkins explained that WGBH wants to carry classical music on one station (WCRB’s 99.5) and news and information on the other (WGBH’s 89.7). She said that blues and folk fans have other ways to find their genres of choice in Boston, and that ’GBH wants to keep its programming unique.

“We’ve carried both of these for many years and we’ve been proud do it. We’re very proud of the contributions,’’ she said. Hopkins said there will be no programming changes until the deal goes through.

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