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Development Memories (1970s-80s)

From Lo Hartnett This is the Development Department in the spring of 1979 taken in the palacial offices of the 110 Western Avenue garage. The mad money-raisers are: Standing – Susan Ballough, Nancy England, Katie (Murphy) Fisher, Jo Madden, John D. Carver, Debby (Thorburn) Ashton, Sam Tyler, Michael Newton. On the desk – Lo Hartnett,…

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Always Charitable, Nancy England Succumbs to Cancer at 57

From Doug Smith I want to let you know that a former ‘GBHer, Nancy England, who worked there in the ’70s in development with Sam Tyler, John Carver, and John Kerr, died last week of cancer. Nancy was close to Christy Moore Millet, Lisa Getman Ellis, Jo Madden, and several others from that period. Christy…

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The Party I

71. 72. Is this a man whose fondest dreams have come true — or whose worst nightmares have materialized? 73. Probably the former. Fred and Ruth Barzyk celebrate at the immensely successful WGBH reunion. 74. Vern Coleman, Benny Krol and Phil Collyer. 75. Chris Pullman and Doug Scott. 76. Paul Souza. 77. Paul Souza and…

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