Building a Network: EEN (1961-64)

WGBH: The Early Years Skating Around the Rink (1956-60) Building a Network: EEN (1961-64) Going Public (1964-70) From Michael Ambrosino Ed: This is the second of three excerpts from Michael Ambrosino’s autobiography. In the first part, Skating Around the Rink, he described the early years at WGBH, an era of live and live-on-tape TV productions…

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Going Public (1964-1970)


From Michael Ambrosino: I’ve never considered myself an intellectual; my memory and thought processes are just not good enough for true intellectual work. I do, however, have an insatiable curiosity and enjoy the world of ideas.

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A world of song


From Michael Ambrosino: When you think how public broadcasting has changed over our last 50 years, it seems impossible to imagine what will be happening in that new facility in 2057!

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Stories and photos From Studio A (1955)

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Images From John (Rocky) Coe Bob Larsen in Studio A Control Room (with Judy Larsen in the background) — August 1955 Story by Michael Greenebaum Performance — String group — Nov. 1955 The photo of the chamber orchestra … is of the first televised concert of Harvard’s Bach Society Orchestra, conducted by me. For all…

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Dr. Virginia Biggy Passes On

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From Michael Ambrosino Dr. Virginia Biggy was a consultant to the 21″ Classroom, in-school programs broadcast to schools in Eastern Massachusetts in the 1950s and 1960s. She also was a staff member of the Eastern Educational Network for several years in the mid 60s as we created special school programming for the communities served by…

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40 years with ‘GBH


From Michael Ambrosino — 2000 My first visit to WGBH was in the fall of 1955, just after TV had gone on the air at 84 Mass Ave. in Cambridge. I was at work developing a TV master plan for the University of Connecticut at the time, and wanted a tour of one of the…

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NOVA: From the beginning (1970s)


From Ben Shedd I’m part of the group from the 1970s at ‘GBH, when NOVA was in some ways almost a separate unit at the station. It’s wonderful to learn about the history of WGBH and see why such grand programming has come from the people who worked there through the decades. I’m glad to…

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