It was short, but what a ride!

WGBH Election Coverage 1966

From Dave Svens: This short film clip was taken during WGBH’s election coverage in November, 1966. Host Bob Baram is interviewing the newly elected US Senator from Massachusetts, Edward Brooke, who was the first African-American senator elected by popular vote.

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Press and People

Press and People - Louis Lyons 1

From Don Hallock: WGBH produced Press and People in 1959 or ’60. Host Louis M. Lyons talked with important print and photo-journalists of the time, including Edward R. Murrow, about their work and philosophies.

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Remembering the original WGBH

84 Massachusetts Avenue

From Art Singer: Fifty one years ago this past September, on several late afternoons a week, I would take the twenty minute walk from BU across the Charles to the station’s studios on the MIT campus for a night’s work.

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Not the News with Louis Lyons (1950s)

14 IMG_9931

From Vic Washkevich The WGBH viewing audience never saw these two newscasters. Vic Washkevich (who contributed this picture) explains: "Oh, here’s shot of Hartford Gunn (Paul Noble) and Dave Davis (Bill Heitz) reporting the news due to budget constraints and Louis Lyons’ nap.

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The BU Scholars program (1957-58)


From Vic Washkevich From on high The Boston Symphony Orchestra was one of the highlights of WGBH programming back in 1957–58. Hey, anything was better than Words, the one-camera show on which I earned my credit as a director. If you recall, symphony rehearsal performances were open to the public. We shot that show with…

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