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It was short, but what a ride!

From Dave Svens: This short film clip was taken during WGBH’s election coverage in November, 1966. Host Bob Baram is interviewing the newly elected US Senator from Massachusetts, Edward Brooke, who was the first African-American senator elected by popular vote.

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Paik and the Video Synthesizer

From Fred Barzyk: I remember Nam June Paik telling me to stand back since TV sets sometime exploded when he did this. I backed off. The TV did not explode but gave forth a dazzling array of colors, buzzed and slowly died, never to live again.

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Video Tour of 125 Western Avenue (2006)

From YouTube — 12/4/2007 Six WGBH Alumni — Fred Barzyk, Michael Ambrosino, Olivia Tappan, Bruce Bordett, and David Atwood — tour the studios and offices at 125 Western Avenue, WGBH’s primary home from 1964 to 2007. Recorded in June 2006. Part 1 [youtube width=”600″ height=”476″][/youtube] Part 2 [youtube width=”600″ height=”476″][/youtube] Part 3 [youtube width=”600″ height=”476″][/youtube]…

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Olivia Tappan Marries Richard Bates

From Olivia Tappan Richard and I got married May 19th on the Island of Kauai. Here are some photos taken on that day. As a Winsor classmate said, when I told her (prior to) that I was getting married – ‘Some people get married at first. Some people get married at last.’ (Maurice Chevalier in…

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The Party XVI

227. (?) with Connie White and John McKnight. 228. Mai Kramer and friend (?). 229. Jane Pikor with Anne Zeiser and Marilyn Greenstein. 230. Peter Trivelas, Julia Eddy and Marcia Hulley. 231. Janet McFadden and Candy Cutler. 232. Lorraine Ferguson and Elise Katz. 233. David O. Ives. 234. Paul Raila, Olivia Tappan and Steve Rogers.…

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