Separating Fact vs. Fiction in the Life of Julia Child

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Cooking legend introduced French cuisine to American audiences in 1963 with GBH’s groundbreaking television series, “The French Chef.”

Now the subject of the HBO Max series, “Julia,” GBH explores what’s fact and what’s fiction and how “The French Chef” continues to influence how we eat today with this Q&A virtual panel discussion recorded May 10, 2022.

Moderated by GBH Chief Marketing Officer Tina Cassidy, the panel features Julia’s original producer Russ Morash, Julia’s grand-nephew and author Alex Prud’homme, Bon Appétit and Epicurious Editor-in-Chief Dawn Davis.

00:00 – Intro
04:30 – Julia Child “TRUE or FALSE” flash round
07:45 – Julia’s legacy
10:20 – Background on Julia’s TV kitchen studio
12:00 – Julia’s relationship to feminism
13:59 – What was it like having a meal with Julia?
17:05 – Julia’s adoption of technology
20:32 – Julia was never intimidated
22:19 – Julia branching out beyond French cuisine
24:17 – What was it like working with Julia?
27:35 – The historical accuracy of the HBO Max “Julia” series
37:33 – Alex and Russ on special cookware they still use gifted by Julia
40:46 – Julia’s ability to cook and talk through mistakes
42:00 – HBO Max’s food styling in “Julia”
43:09 – Julia’s favorite meal to cook and eat
49:38 – Did Julia fund “The French Chef” pilot?
52:00 – If you were able to cook a meal for Julia today, what would that meal consist of?

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